Why is Telehealth Bad for Patients?

When you hear the word “telehealth only” it may cause some concern.  There are many popular telehealth-only platforms for everything from primary care to second opinions that are always getting better.  While some medical situations demand hands-on care, many treatments can be administered in a virtual-only way.

What sort of evidence is there to prove that telehealth addiction treatment programs work?

Telehealth, especially virtual addiction rehab has not been around long enough for any sufficient long-term studies to be completed. Virtual rehab at Cove Recovery is based on scientifically researched and validated approaches.  After 90 days in our online addiction treatment program, patients use fewer illicit substances, consume less alcohol, spend more time with sober community, and report being less depressed and less anxious.

According to verywellmind.com, “an overwhelming 91% of people currently in online therapy agree that more people should try it, a ringing endorsement that no doubt clears the runway for online therapy’s continued success.”

While we are still collecting data for longitudinal patient success, we are tracking our outcomes and comparing them to best-in-class outpatient and residential addiction treatment programs.

Is telehealth the best option?

Telehealth-only programs are not always the best option for patients.  Many people with high-acuity addiction or complex medical conditions will be safer when there is 24-hour medical supervision.  At Cove Recovery, we have found that a telehealth addiction treatment program is better than no addiction treatment program.

For many full-time workers, single parents, or those living in rural communities, taking time away from work or family commitments might not be possible.  Further, many people live so far away from treatment programs that they spend more time in transit to and from appointments than they do in therapy.

So, yes, for many patients, telehealth is the best option to start or maintain recovery!

Is telehealth here to stay?

Unfortunately, the need for evidence-based addiction treatment is only increasing, and therefore Cove Recovery is here to stay for the foreseeable future. While it is unfortunate that there is such a need, we are happy to be on the other end of the spectrum where we can create positive results and the desired outcomes for our patients.

Telemedicine is a $17.8 billion industry, and it’s expected to grow 18.4% annually from 2015–2020. While there are still some limitations on telemedicine, many healthcare providers are innovating to solve these issues and improve their patients’ access to quality care.