How To Do Drug Rehab at Home

How does one “do addiction treatment at home”? As easily as you would any other online class or attending a virtual forum. If you have internet connection and a computer, laptop, or smartphone you are already halfway there! Often, patients prefer virtual therapy because of the privacy they are ensured, and how easy it is to schedule sessions online and follow through with these.

Some of you might be laughing at the thought of having privacy, at home?? That can be a tricky scenario to accomplish, especially if you have kids at home for the summer, or kids at home in general. Planning your virtual sessions around practices and summer camps, etc. might not sound ideal, but it is doable. The nice thing about virtual therapy is that it is on your time.  If you can tuck away into a quiet bedroom for an hour in the morning while your kids watch cartoons or sneak outside on your back porch while the toddler takes their afternoon nap, then you have found a spot for a therapy session! Also, with gas prices as high as they are now, this is ideal for most people!

Aside from privacy, what are the other “requirements” for drug rehab at home?

  • A solid internet connection
  • A computer, laptop, or phone with a camera
  • A valid form of ID, SSN
  • Medicaid, Medicare, Other forms of insurance

The cost of telehealth addiction treatment is often a deterrent for those who need help, but it doesn’t need to be. Cove Recovery accepts commercial insurance as well as Medicaid and Medicare plans in Ohio.

So, “doing therapy at home” requires more than just a working computer and a quiet place to interact. Starting on day one, you will be taught the skills and tools to work through your addiction.

It is imperative that you approach virtual therapy with an open mind and willingness to learn. Cove Recovery’s doctors, nurses, counselors, and case managers all have the patient’s best interests in mind. They will do their best to accommodate you – the one who is willing to put in hard work to better themselves – only if you are open to this sort of change. 

We asked a very large group of our patients, “what helps keep you in recovery?” and more than 200 of them answered “family”, and another resounding nearly 200 chose “sober community.”  One of these patients said, when asked how your friends and family would say treatment has changed them, “my family would say that I am reliable, trusted, and motivated. I am no longer a disappointment.” Everyone has their own reasons for going to rehab, whether it’s in person or online. Another patient said, “I’m more focused on the important things in my life, I’m reliable and trustworthy again.”

So, what are you waiting for? Cove Recovery is here, ready and waiting for you to change your life!