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How it all works.

There is no one-size-fits-all for substance use disorder.

For qualifying patients, a comprehensive addiction treatment program is available entirely online through Cove Recovery. Through the use of medication (MAT), group therapy, one-to-one counseling, and social services, we use evidence-based care to help patients to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically from anywhere with reliable internet. Complete our screening tool below to see a medical provider within 24 hours. The provider will assess and evaluate medication options with you on the first visit.

What you'll need to get started.

Recovery is now easier than ever.​ Cove Recovery makes it possible.

You’ll need a stable internet connection to support a computer, tablet, or smart phone with a camera and microphone. In addition to a reliable internet connection through wi-fi or mobile data, you’ll need a supported web browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox downloaded (some programs are not supported on Internet Explorer).

You’ll also need a state issued ID, copy of your insurance card, and some basic information.  If you don’t have copies of those, please call us at 833.626.2683 and we can help find alternative ways to verify your identity or help you enroll in the program. Please find a private area where you can interact with medical and clinical providers without being overheard.  A safe storage area for medications and toxicology supplies is also important.

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42 CFR Part II: Patients are protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA), but those who are in addiction treatment programs are also covered by 42 CFR Part 2. The goal of Part 2 is to protect patients enrolled in SUD treatment programs from adverse consequences, specifically related to issues such as child custody, divorce, employment, or other criminal or domestic proceedings. It covers the circumstances where patient records can be released to protect the confidentiality of patient records.

Questions about getting started with Cove Recovery? Our team of treatment experts is standing by 24 hours per day.