How Does Virtual Rehab Work?

You might find yourself asking exactly what the logistics of virtual rehab are, as in, how in the world does one become “rehabilitated from drugs, virtually”?  There are thousands of people out there that are discovering this untapped resource – all from the comfort of their own home. With virtual rehabs, people who have substance use disorder can dial into protected and secure platforms to access their treatment, therapists, group sessions, and other types of recovery treatment – directly from their computers. 

The patient’s journey with Cove Recovery begins exactly the way it would if the patient were seeking treatment on-site at a treatment center but it can be done at anytime from anywhere with internet access! You answer a few questions online and within a matter of minutes, a Cove Recovery representative will reach out to you! From there, the representative will get you scheduled for a virtual medical assessment with our medical team.

Our medical team will perform an assessment for you, including two-way video conferencing on a smartphone, computer, or tablet. If indicated, a provider will call in a prescription for medication into your local pharmacy choice. You will meet virtually with your clinical team for counseling and virtual groups. Ongoing treatment and support will be provided at a level that appropriately addresses your personal acuity and goals.

Once a medical provider assesses your symptoms and medical history, they will prescribe medication for you to pick up at your local pharmacy (if medically indicated).  Medication provides brain stability to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings for those with opioid use disorder.

Because substance use disorder is a chronic relapsing brain disease, healing doesn’t happen through medication alone.  Reconciling relationships, addressing trauma, building management strategies for stressors and beyond all occur through counseling. 

Another critical asset to successful treatment is group counseling. You aren’t alone in recovery.  Groups are where you can finally feel understood by connecting with others on their own recovery journey.  These facilitated sessions empower participants to learn from each other through experience sharing and virtual activities.

“As a nation, we are facing an escalating mortality crisis related to substance use. More Americans than ever died of overdoses in the last twelve months and tens of millions of Americans are living with substance use disorders without access to effective treatment,” said Dr. Navdeep Kang, Chief Clinical Officer for the largest addiction treatment provider in Ohio. “We are proud to leverage technology to connect expert clinicians with patients in need, particularly those who may have no other treatment options, and those who are the most marginalized and forgotten among us. With our best-in-class care model and demonstrable patient outcomes, we are honored to lead the conversation on recovery by providing more ways for patients to access life-changing care from the comfort of home.”