What are the Barriers to Addiction Recovery?

Dealing with an addiction issue is a difficult and complex situation. There are many barriers to addiction recovery that hinder people from healing, including insurance, transportation or accessibility, and childcare alternatives. With virtual or online therapy, help is available at your fingertips.


Many barriers to addiction recovery hinder people from taking the first step on the journey. Other barriers hinder them along the way once they have begun. One thing that gets in the way of addiction treatment for some people is the cost of treatment. You may be in this category and wonder how you can afford therapy. If you have any type of insurance, even Medicaid or Medicare, you won’t be denied treatment through Cove Recovery. Insurance providers must provide some coverage for substance abuse treatment. It is crucial for providers to accept Medicaid and all major and minor forms of insurance. At Cove Recovery, we accept 100% of Ohio Medicaid Plans. If you don’t have any insurance, you can still get treatment; you just may need to be more creative about how to pay for it. Some places may allow you to make payments or offer a credit loan program. There are also programs that help people defray the cost of treatment. If you’re connected with the right addiction recovery center, they will do all that is possible to ensure you get the help you need to heal. 


For questions or assistance related to self-pay or treatment costs, please call (513) 873-1344. Our live representative or intake coordinator will help with setting-up self-pay payment options, applying for Medicaid, and making arrangements with the Foundation of Recovery to cover the cost of treatment. Also, they can help with a payment plan, as well. Our virtual therapy program, Cove Recovery, will provide you the tools necessary for relapse prevention and teach you how to overcome cravings.


Along the recovery journey, some people may run into other hindrances like lack of transportation. With virtual therapy, this barrier has been completely eradicated.  You can access treatment at the tip of your fingers from the comfort of your own home. It’s addiction therapy that can be done from a smartphone, maybe even while your kids are playing under your feet. It’s addiction therapy that doesn’t care if you’re rocking a baby in your arms, or if you’ve taken a shower that week. It’s addiction therapy you can do on the bus ride home from work, or while eating your lunch.

Take action today and see how the hindrances will melt away when you reach out to Cove Recovery. At Cove Recovery, we make accessing substance addiction care simple. You can see results in your life right away when you take that first step. We will work with you to ensure nothing gets in your way. The staff at Cove Recovery uses evidence-based methods, including medication-assisted treatment, to bring about healing and recovery. We can make sure you have a personalized treatment plan that addresses some of the issues you’re facing. We offer different addiction recovery treatment programs and therapies, such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy

Begin the recovery journey today by connecting with an intake coordinator and scheduling an evaluation with a therapist. You can reclaim your life again with treatment. Don’t let the barriers to addiction recovery get in your way because BrightView is here to help you overcome them. Contact Cove Recovery today at 513-496-2657 and we will walk with you every step of the journey to addiction recovery.