Best Online Outpatient Rehab Programs

The creation of telehealth addiction treatment programs is a relatively newer concept in the online, digital world.  At the start of the pandemic, many outpatient treatment programs were scrambling to figure out how they were going to safely deliver addiction treatment to the millions of their patients.  Along with zoom meetings was born an entirely unfamiliar concept, telehealth addiction treatment. 

So, who offers balanced programs for telehealth addiction treatment?  We’ve got you covered!

  • Accepts Medicaid, Medicare
  • Offers medication for assisted treatment
  • Offers virtual case management services

  • Individual, group and family sessions
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission
  • Confidential video conferencing app

  • Private
  • Cancel at any time
  • Weekly, live online groups

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Treatment available worldwide
  • Offered through a weekly subscription service – daily contact with a therapist

  • Peer support
  • Educational workshops
  • Addresses both addiction and co-occurring disorders
  • Alumni meetings

These are only a few of the hundreds of online addiction treatment programs that are out there.

What does Cove Recovery have in common with these other programs? Almost everything listed above, is offered through Cove Recovery.  We offer individual, group, and family sessions. 

At Cove Recovery, when you have a busy schedule chock-full of summer plans errands like camp, vacation, sports, and swimming; trying to squeeze in your regular appointment with your therapist can be overwhelming. However, you know that you should not skip your appointments because you will likely need your session even more during these long summer days.

Cove Recovery provides the following conveniences:

  • No commute needed
  • Therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home
  • Can take place on your time and your day of choosing

Remote therapy is the most convenient for busy schedules as you do not have to factor in commute time to and from your appointment, allowing for more free time in your day. Another advantage to virtual therapy for the summer is that if you are traveling on vacation, you can still keep up with therapy appointments from wherever you are.